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1. Letter Lines & Stems:


with variegated green

2. Stems between Flowers:


with variegated green

3. Leaves:


with variegated green

3. Flowers:


with 2 strands light purple

1 strand dark purple

1. *Prepare your fabric for hand sewing. Take it out of the hoop and iron it by placing the fabric right side down on a fluffy towel. Iron on the cotton setting with steam.*

Lay the fabric on a flat surface as shown.

2. Fold the hemmed edge over to the right to meet the notches. Finger press the fold.

3. Fold the selvage edge of the fabric over to the left.

The fold of the fabric should meet up exactly with the notches and overlap the hemmed edge. Finger press this fold.

4. Place pins perpendicular to each long edge of the fabric.

Where there are three layers of fabric, be sure to go through all of the fabric. It is helpful to pin on the selvage first.

5. Hand sew along guide lines using a small backstitch, no longer

than 1/8". Anchor your stitches at the beginning and end of the

seams with a few overlapping stitches. At the point where the selvage

overlaps the other fabric, reinforce this area with a few extra

overlapping stitches. You may need to change to a new thread at

some point along the seam. Be sure to do a few overlapping stitches

here, too.

*When you've finished hand sewing your cover, turn it right side out. To do this, first turn the short side right side out. Then, turn the long side. You can gently poke the corners out from the inside with your finger or something pointy, but not sharp (such as a chopstick or the end of a small paintbrush). You can also use a pin to gently pick out the corners from the outside.*

right side of fabric

serged edge

notches for folding

wrong side of fabric

stitching line guides

stitching line guides

pin to secure folds

hemmed edge

selvage edge

backstitch along guide lines

*These basic instructions are for your convenient reference. Need more detailed instructions? Please refer to your class recording.*

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