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Thread Color Suggestions

These are the colors of DMC six-stranded embroidery floss we include in the full kit version of Bloom+Bee.

DMC #310 (bee’s antennae, stripes, and legs)

DMC BLANC (bee’s wings and bum, white Cosmos’ petals)

DMC #26 (white shading for Cosmos, bee’s bum)

DMC #3609 (pink Cosmos’ highlights)

DMC #3607 (pink Cosmos, magenta Cosmos’ highlights)

DMC #915 (magenta Cosmos, pink Cosmos’ accents and shading)
DMC #727 (bee’s yellow stripe highlights, Cosmos’ centers)
DMC #444 (bee’s yellow stripe, Cosmos’ centers)
DMC #165 (Cosmos’ stems and light greenery, greenery highlights)
DMC #470 (medium greenery, light greenery shading, dark greenery highlights)
DMC #3345 (dark greenery, Cosmos’ stem and medium greenery shading)

Bloom and Bee threads only.jpg
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